Is Essential Oil Safe for Use?

is essential oil safe for use

Essential oil has been an important part of people’s life. There is a lot of benefits of aromatherapy, do not need to the spa any more. Wearing a diffuser locket necklace help you enjoy essential oils whole day.

Before it, the safety of using essential oil should be put first.

As we mentioned before, the key point of essential oils is that they are  extracted from natural plant, which means they are highly concentrated plant essences.

Therefore, essential oil is natural and safe for use within the context that you use it topically or diluted properly.

If not, there may bring some risk. For example. citrus oils are highly phototoxic, any exposure to the sun after a topical application can burn and blister your skin.

Highly recommend you to heed safe dilution ratios and read the specifications especially the warnings that accompany each essential oil to avoid unknown risk.

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